Franchise: Clean n Go


Get Ola Car Wash Franchise

Ola Car Wash brings beneficial business opportunities for you.

Ola Car Wash can help you to start a professional mobile car washing & detailing business with a low investment. It is an initiative to generate self-employment across the country with the assurance of minimum income guarantee. Our youth are ready to work hard; we offer a fully equipped ready-made business solution with adequate guidance so that they become a success.

Our specially customized door to door steam car washing project is an ideal for today's growing market demand; and our aim is to prevent unwanted damages to the vehicle by washing with raw water, as well as conserving water and energy, which is one of the world's most limited natural resources.

The Ola Car Wash franchise business is a high profit margin on low investment and a huge potential market. If you would like to become a successful entrepreneur and earn a high, and protect the environment at the same time, this could be the ideal franchise opportunity for you.

Become a Franchisee

Boost the Entrepreneur in YOU

Get Franchise @2000/- per month along-with a bundle of features.

  •  B2C web platform
  •  Franchisee website’s pages
  •  Direct emails from clients
  •  Direct WhatsApp from clients
  •  Direct deals through App
  •  Exchange Deals with others
  •  Business Listing on Google
  •  Business Listing on Google Map
  •  Business Listing on Other Search Engine
  •  Google Map driving feature
  •  Social Pages Linking feature
  •  Enjoy of Fully independent business


  •  Free Six Months’ Customers’ enquires @4 per day or 600 for six months...
    We are committed to providing an average of 4 free inquiries per day or total 600 free customer enquiries in the first six months. The number of enquiries per day will increase gradually. Initially, the number of enquiries may be less than 4, but we will do our best to complete its (total number of enquiries i.e 600) within six months. In the event of short delivery of 600 enquiries within six months, we will make double arrangements of enquiries in the next six months. If we fail to complete the number of enquiries due next time, we will refund double the outstanding number of enquiries at the rate of 100.
  •  Free 30,000/- Wallet Value in Ola Car Wash’s Mobile Application (App)...
    We will provide a MobileApps (Ola Car Wash Mobile Application) designed and developed specifically for our franchisees and freelancers. Each franchisee or freelancer will receive semi-encrypted enquiries in this mobile application; customer mobile number and exact location like house number or street number will be encrypted in each transaction; however, details of demanded services like washing services, cleaning services, rubbing and polishing services or dry cleaning services and PIN Code area are viewable in each deal (enquiry) so that the franchisee or freelancer understands its locality and feasibility before accepting the deal. A specific value(s) will be deducted from the balance of the wallet upon acceptance of any deal; encrypted details would be viewable on acceptance of any deal. The value of the deals is flexible which is to be decided by the poster at the time of posting the deal. 20 percent of the deal value will be distributed among the administrator and the franchisees (parent) and remaining value will be credited to the wallet of deal poster after six hours from the time of accept of deal. In case of dispute, the accepting person can ask for a refund during the locking period (six hours). Dispute can be settled between the deal poster and acceptor or franchise (common parent) or admin has the rights for final decision.
    Admin authority, Franchise, Freelancer or Customer can able to post any deal (enquiry) through online or mobile application from any location for same location or other any location which will be specified by area PIN Code. Deal poster (except customer) can fix a value for a deal (enquiry) at the time of posting. For more information please talk to our expert.
  •  Free Six Months’ Car & Sofa Cleaning, Washing & Polishing Materials...
    We will supply consumable materials and chemicals for 600 deals only; we will calculate that @Rs 70/- is average expenditure of each deal (steam washing, normal washing, foam washing, shampoo washing, seat cleaning, car dry cleaning, car polishing, head-light restoration, sofa dry cleaning etc). Chemicals, shampoo, rubbing & polishing compound, rubbing gloves, microfiber cloths etc are free items to cover 600 deals during six months. Franchises are allowed to procure any items or materials from the local market or third party on their convenience with full responsibility of quality assurance by the respective franchise.
  •  Free Postpaid Mobile Number (*Bill will be paid by Ola Car Wash Pvt Ltd)...
    This postpaid mobile number will be procured by the Company (Ola Car Wash Private Limited) and it further handed over to respective franchise for use of Ola Car Wash Franchise business. Bills of this postpaid mobile number will be paid by us as long as the relevant franchise is found active.
  •  Free IVR/Corporate Caller Tune feature to maintain company brand value...
    We will arrange to activate / incorporate welcome caller tune/ivr of our brand on each mobile numbers which have distributed by us so that a brand value will remain high. Franchise can supply a audio (mp3) file of regional language (local language) for approval and activation on respective mobile number.
  •  Free operational & practical training for one person at franchise location...
    Our Engineer will stay for a stipulated period at franchise location to install of machinery & equipment and trained a staff of respective franchise. Suitable accommodation for our engineer will be provided by the respective franchise.


  • 1  e-Cart with Commercial Number Plate: The commercial registration of this e-cart will be done by the dealers / agents of our e-cart manufacturing channel partner in the local RTO (franchise area).
  • 2  Inbuilt Inverter: Inbuilt inverter converts 48 DC (e-cart’s battery) to 220 Volts electricity power to operate steam car washing machine, henceforth no need any electricity for steam car washer.
  • 3  Electricity Change Over on Dash-Board:Electricity change over and electric switches are available on dash-board for easy operation. There is a change over switch having two inputs, one is already connected with loaded Honda 3kw generator set and another is available to get electricity supply from customer’s end through our readymade 100 feet electric extension.
  • 4  Inbuilt Charger: Charging switch is available on the dashboard to charge e-cart’s battery during the electricity available from the customer supply or the loaded Honda generator supply.
  • 5  Inbuilt LED Lights: Three-side LED lights are available to work smoothly at night.
  • 6  Inbuilt CCTV Mi 360 Camera Point:There is a point of CCTV camera to install Mi 360 WiFi camera to monitor remotely via mobile application.
  • 7  Inbuilt HostSpot Point: Inbuilt hostspot point with key locking system to prevent unauthorized access; so that franchise owner can safely monitor the e-cart’s location and activities remotely.
  • 8  Inbuilt 135 Ltrs Water Tank (Fiber):Specially designed additional water tank (fiber) installed for washing a large number of vehicles at one time.
  • 9  Optima Car Washer: Optima DM(DMF) car washing machine is one of the world leader in the steam car washing segment, therefore, we have installed on our e-cart for door to door car washing purpose.
  • 10  High-Pressure Washer: We have installed a commercial high-pressure washer having minimum to 1885 PSI (130 bar) pressure to generate foam easily.
  • 11  Foam Gun: We are providing a world class foam gun unit which can be used with high-pressure car washer to get in use of foam washing services.
  • 12  Honda eu30is silent generator: Honda Generator is a one of the leader in generator manufacturer in the world; henceforth, we have installed Honda eu30i silent-self start generator for electricity subject to non-availability of client’s electricity supply.
  • 13  Electric Reel (Commercial): We have placed a commercial electric wire extension reel having 100 feet wire of two core 4mm 3000 watts load capacity to get electricity supply from customer.
  • 14  Commercial Vacuum Cleaner (Wet & Dry): We have placed a commercial vacuum cleaner having feature of wet & dry for use of vacuuming of entered the vehicle and dry cleaning of vehicle and sofa set.
  • 15  Rubbing & Polishing Machine: We have placed a commercial car rubbing and polishing tools (machine) for use of car / bike rubbing, polishing and head-light restoration purpose.
Why Franchise? Before commencing a new startup, you should aware the following differential datas between Startup Business V/s Franchise Business. Let's see below:-
Success Rate
 10% to 20%
Ola Car Wash
 80 to 90%
 Money & time
Ola Car Wash
 Well known
Risk Factor
 Very high
Ola Car Wash
Technical Know How
 Self Developed
Ola Car Wash
Training & Support
Ola Car Wash
Ola Car Wash

Low Investment

Get Ola Car Wash Franchise with a low investment!

It is a ready-to-business concept for door to door washing and detailing services in which you can enter with low investment and also from your home. Lower start-up costs will allow you a faster way to return your investments. You can arrange car washing and cleaning equipment from the local market and start your own business. While you sign our franchise agreement, you will be allowed to use our brand names 'Ola Car Wash' and 'Door2Door Car Wash' to gather a large number of customers in a short time.

Most Profitable

Ola Car Wash Franchise returns is much higher!

Start small to grow up! a car washing business can be most profitable for the entrepreneur, in which there should be a small business experience in the past. In the vehicle cleaning segment upto 50 percent margin is a common factor for a entrepreneur, however its profit ratio may be increased at expert level. There is various add-ons are available to enhance its trading standards like various types of coating services, paint protection services, cleaning materials and equipment sales etc. However, the entrepreneur has to prepare a business strategy according to the market's demand.

Independent Business

Ola Car Wash Franchise is 100% Independent Business!

It is uniqueness in our franchise plan that our franchisee is completely independent in their business and earnings. The company will neither be involved in income nor in the profit of franchisee. There is no restriction for service area for any franchisee; our franchisees are always free to serve their services any where any time at their convenience. We are only committed for allotment a geographical point of location to a franchise; we never allot another franchisee nearby existing franchise, without NOC from existing franchise or suitable business reason.

B2C Digital Platform

Ola Car Wash Franchise is a B2C Digital Platform!

Our websites (web-portals) will work as a B2C (Business to Customer) for each franchisee. The franchisee does not need to develop a website nor need to spend a penny for hosting, maintenance for website. We will include all business related information such as mobile number, WhatsApp number, email id, business name, business address and latitude & longitude of our franchisees in our database as well as we will also arrange to listing in Google the same, so that web visitors will see all business information as the nearest franchisee's contact number. Our websites (web-portals) will show all business information as the nearest franchisee's contact number etc. according to latitude & longitude or IP address of visitor. Our Websites (Web-portals) will help to direct communication between customer and franchisee by one touch call, one touch WhatsApp, online booking, online enquiry etc.

Move the center Icon and choose you operational points and covering area in the Map. Upto 10 KMs Radius will be allocated for visibility of customer in respect of each franchise. The service area for the franchisee is not bound with the allocated area, the franchise is free to provide services anywhere in the world at their convenience.

Brand Support

Ola Car Wash Franchise Brand is now yours @your area!

You can arrange a mobile setup in your local area to start a door to door car wash business. You can buy car washing and cleaning machinery, equipment and materials from the local market at your convenience; however, We will help you according to your investment plan. For your convenience, we have designed some products aimed at door to door car wash business i.e ‘Door to Door Car Washing e-Cart’ & ‘Door to Door Car Washing Bike System’ for more information, visit the products page.

Franchise Fee

Ola Car Wash Franchise Fee is Rs 2000/- per month only!

Including services of One Postpaid Mobile Bill, Company Welcome tune or IVR feature, Brand Name use, Brand support, B2C infrastructure to get customers, dedicated website (page) under our official website(s), visibility on Google Search, Google Map & our official website(s), Google Drive feature, Direct email service, Director WhatsApp service, Social Network Services, Brand awareness promotions, Mobile Apps Service. (Google, Email, WhatsApp & promotion services are already procured by the Company)

1) Rs.2,000/- per month franchise fee will be paid in advance (billing cycle will be only half yearly or yearly)

2) Rs.5,000/- One-time processing charges.

07982010584 for any franchise related query


Option-A: Franchise Complete Setup
Free Products, Materials & Enquiries

Step-1: Pay Rs.9 Lakh 50 Thousand for door to door car washing e-Cart complete setup>


Step-1: Pay Rs.3 Lac for door to door car washing two wheeler's setup (2 sets)>

Step-2: Processing & Activation time: 20 Working days from receive of payment.

Option-B: Franchise Subscription
Without Products & Materials

Step-1: Apply online for Ola Car Wash Franchise>

Step-2: Pay Rs 5,000/- One-time processing charges.

Step-3: Pay Rs.2,000/- per month franchise fee (billing cycle will be half yearly or yearly).

Step-4: Processing & Activation time: 15 Working days from receive of payment.