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Doorstep Car Washing Bike System

Special customized door to door car washing two wheeler setup

Ola Car Wash is now facilitating a special customized futuristic two wheeler (bike) system having a large numbers of features for doorstep car washing, cleaning and dry cleaning; it is very compact and powerful to deliver non-stop car washing & cleaning services at customers’ doorstep. Let’s see its major features and specifications.

Ola Car Wash Front High-Pressure Pump Box (Fiber):

A fiber box has specially designed which to be mounted on the front of TVS moped for installation of a Ola Car Wash commercial high-pressure car washer along-with hose and extension etc. It has three doors, one facing up and the other open on both sides.

Ola Car Wash Rear Vacuum Cleaner Box (Fiber):

A fiber vacuum cleaner box has specially designed which to be mounted on the rear of TVS moped for carrying a commercial vacuum cleaner machine. Ola Car Wash It has a two-way locking system capable of preventing unauthorized access.

Ola Car Wash Backpack Bag:

A backpack bag has specially designed to carry vacuum cleaner machine and other cleaning tools and materials. Ola Car Wash It is a heavy duty e-commerce bag and it can carry easily by staff.

Watch tutorial videos of Ola Car wash two wheeler project:
Complete Setup Cost is Rs 3 Lac >
Complete Setup including following

01): Receive a minimum of 4 customer inquiries per day or 600 total inquiries in six months*

02): One Postpaid Mobile Number (bills will pay by us) (6 Months)

03): Commercial High pressure Car Washer (2 Pieces)

04): Commercial Car Polisher (2 Pieces)

05): Commercial Vacuum cleaner Wet & Dry (2 Pieces)

06): Backpack- Ola Car Wash Bag (2 Pieces)

07): Rear Box Fiber Specially Molded on Die (2 Pieces)

08): Front Box Fiber Specially Molded on Die (2 Pieces)

09): Extension 50 Feet wire 3KW load capacity (2 Pieces)

10): Cleaning & Polishing chemical for Car & Sofa (Six months for 600 Jobs)

11): Chemical Spry bottles-multi color / multi size (6 Pieces)

12): Microfiber cloths-multi color/multi size (10 Pieces)

13): Rubbing gloves (2 Pairs)

14): Foam Gun/lancer (2 Pieces)

15): E-Rickshaw Stepny cover-Ads printed (50 Pieces)

16): Visiting card printed with your name, email & etc. (10000 Pieces)

17): T-Shirt-Printed (4 Pieces)

18): Mobile App-Ola Car Wash Mobile Application

19): Franchise processing fee included

20): 6 months franchise fee included (6 Months)

Excluding following

01): Transportation charges at actual to be paid by the franchise

02): TVS XL-100 Bike (Moped) to be arranged by franchise