Clean n Go e-Cart

Doorstep Car Washing e-Cart

Special customized door to door car washing e-cart

Ola Car Wash is now facilitating a special customized futuristic e-cart having a large numbers of features for doorstep car washing, cleaning and dry cleaning; it is very compact and powerful to deliver non-stop car washing & cleaning services at customers’ doorstep. Let’s see its major features and specifications.

e-Cart with Commercial Number Plate:

The commercial registration of this e-cart will be done by dealers / agents of our e-cart manufacturing channel partner Ola Car WAshin the local RTO (franchise area). You will receive this e-cart after completion of e-cart registration process at your local area. RC (Registration Certificate) of e-cart will be delivered by post to the customer's address (or as per Govt. norms). Commercial number plate will be fitted through Govt. authorized vendor within a stipulated time frame (or as per Govt. norms).

Inbuilt inverter:

Inbuilt inverter converts 48 DC (e-cart’s battery) to 220 Volts electricity power to operate steam car washing machine, Ola Car WAshhenceforth no need any electricity for steam car washer. This inverter is connected with the battery of the e-cart and supplies 500 watts of electricity power which is sufficient to operate the steam car washer.

Inbuilt Charger:

Charging switch is available on the dashboard to charge e-cart’s battery during the electricity available from the customer supply Ola Car WAshor the loaded Honda generator supply. It is a good option to charge the e-cart battery during other tasks such as vacuuming, dry cleaning, rubbing and polishing, so that the e-cart battery remains charged.

Inbuilt Electricity Change Over:

Electricity change over switch is available on dash-board for easy operation. It has two inputs, one is already connected Ola Car WAshwith loaded Honda 3kw generator set and another is available to get electricity supply from customer’s end through our ready-made 100 feet electric extension.

Inbuilt Electric Switches:

Electric Switches are available on dash-board for easy operation. Electricity could be available either power supplied by customer Ola Car WAshor start generator which is already loaded on this e-cart.

Inbuilt LED Lights:

There are multiple LED lights available to perform cleaning jobs smoothly at night. These LED lights are directly connected with e-cart’s battery Ola Car WAshso that no extra electricity is required for LED Lights.

Inbuilt CCTV Camera Point:

There is a point of CCTV camera to install Mi 360 WiFi camera to monitor remotely via mobile application. You have to download the Ola Car WAshspecific mobile application from the play store and synchronize it with the camera so that you can monitor remotely through the mobile application.

Inbuilt Hotspot Point:

Inbuilt hotspot point with key locking system to prevent unauthorized access; so that franchise owner can safely monitor the e-cart’s Ola Car WAshlocation and activities remotely. A simple mobile phone can be used in place of hotspot, so that wifi and location trucking can be made easier.

Inbuilt 135 Ltrs Water Tank (Fiber):

Specially designed additional water tank (fiber) installed for washing a large number of vehicles at one time. There is two water tanks Ola Car WAshare available having 135 liters total capacity, one is 20 liters of water tank inbuilt with Optima car washer and another is specially designed 115 liters water tank additionally mounted on the e-cart.

Optima Steam Car Washer:

Optima DM(DMF) car washing machine is one of the world leader in the steam car washing segment, therefore, we have installed on Ola Car WAsh our e-cart for door to door car washing purpose.Optima Steamer DM(DMF) is not only a professional external car wash machine but also an excellent car interior cleaner because it is an effective disinfection machine and a chemical-free weed-remover. Also, it can be used for a multi-purpose cleaning machine without changing internal settings or parts. With a portable generator, the machine becomes a portable steam cleaner to clean even in outside. Harness the cleaning power of steam with the best-selling mobile, diesel-powered Optima Steamer™ DMF. The “Original Optima Steamer”, the DMF features a durable body design, heat-efficient steam vessel, wet or dry steam selection, smart control system and easy maintenance. Read more...

High-Pressure Washer:

We have installed commercial high pressure washers with a pressure of 1 bar to 130 bar (14 PSI to 1885 PSI) Ola Car WAshcapable of generating foam easily. A two-way inlet system is available on our e-cart, one is connected to the main water tank and the other is kept as additional inlet water from the bucket or the customer's water supply. The foam wash is an option and additional feature, which has been added to the doorstep car cleaning services to make it more effective and professional.

Honda eu30is 3KVA silent Generator:

Honda Generator is a one of the leader in generator manufacturer in the world; henceforth, we have installedHonda eu30i 3Kw silent-self start generator Ola Car WAsh for electricity subject to non-availability of client’s electricity supply. Due to the Honda's innovative technology, this new age generator is so silent that you might actually want to check if its on. In fact to make it a complete standby power source, every possible detail has been kept in mind while designing its features... Read more...

Electric Reel (Commercial):

We have placed a commercial electric wire extension reel having 100 feet wire of two core 4mm 3000 watts load capacity to Ola Car WAsh get electricity supply from customer. It has MCB Switch-16 Amp, 3 Pin Sockets-15 Amp, Indicator Light, Heavy Duty Cable Reel, Fitted with flexible and easy to wind cable, Tough Body with Sturdy Construction, Strong Steel Stand, Zinc Plated For Extra Rust Resistance, Unwind the whole cable before use.

Commercial Vacuum Cleaner (Wet & Dry):

We have placed a commercial vacuum cleaner that has wet and dry facilities for vacuuming and Ola Car WAsh succession use, this can be both dry cleaning or wet cleaning of vehicles or sofa sets. It is a powerful, reliable, highly versatile cleaner, giving impressive results in light and medium cleaning operations in many commercial applications.

Rubbing & Polishing Machine:

We have placed a commercial car rubbing and polishing tools (machine) for use of car / bike rubbing, Ola Car WAshpolishing and head-light restoration purpose. Dual action orbital polishers operate by oscillating numerous times per second in one direction. This enables you to safely cover every part of your vehicle’s paint, with little risk of doing damage to the paint. It is for heavy duty commercial grade car polisher for commercial use, it is powered by heavy duty 1400 watt all copper winding motor and 1000 to 3300 rpm variable speed for perfect polishing job and 180 mm dia car polish pad (one pad free with machine) for widely used for professional car care.

30,000 Points in Ola Car Wash Mobile Application:

We will provide a mobile app with 30,000 wallet points that can be used to view 60,000 (Appx) customer inquiries. Ola Car WAshThis mobile application is specially designed and developed by Ola Car Wash Pvt Ltd for the purpose of deal exchange. It has various features which enable it to supply deals at desirable prices. Through this mobile application, franchisees will receive inquiries in semi-encrypted mode; a set point will be deducted from the viewer to see the full details of the related inquiries. The franchise can also share any deal / customer inquiries at desired points.

Welcome KIT: A bundle of cleaning materials and equipment are available @free of Cost under complete franchise package.
6 Rubbing Glaves
60 Microfiber
6 Months Bottles & Chemical
10,000 Visiting Cards
100 Stepny Covers
4 T-Shirts
Watch tutorial videos of Ola Car wash e-cart project:

We 'Ola Car Wash Private Limited' are a facilitator of the above mentioned machines, equipments and materials; we are trying to discover a better solution for you so that you can start the car washing business easily. We have worked hard to gather the above mentioned products, machinery and equipment which may be suitable for doorstep car washing module. This is an assembled arrangement to meet your business needs.

The above mentioned products, machinery and equipment are supplied by our alliance or channel partners who will provide standard support and warranty; however you will share related details for further course of action at your end.

We are committed to providing a superior customer solution that helps sustain your business. We not only promote the franchise concept, we will promote the name and address of the franchise business so that the franchise will soon become popular; franchises are allowed to use their existing business name or they will register their business name as per their convenience for GST (if required), business license (if required), company formation etc. so that the tax etc. or service operation process is done correctly as per rules, because we can neither promise nor provide any such services. Kindly read our Disclaimer page...

Complete Setup Cost is Rs.9 Lakh 50 Thousand >
Complete Setup including following

01): Customized e-cart (e-rickshaw loaded) Fiber Model with commercial number registration (1 Piece)

02): Inbuilt Inverter cum Converter-48 DC to 220 AC 500 Watts (1 Piece)

03): Inbuilt e-Rickshaw Charger (1 Piece)

04): Additional Water Tank-Especially molded on Die 135 Liters(115+20)

05): Change Over + Power Sockets + LED Lights etc + Electric Fitting (Dashboard and all Chambers)

06): Bottle Jack for e-rickshaw(1 Piece)

07): Mi 360° 1080p WiFi Smart Security Camera (1 Piece)

08): Optima ® (DMF) Steam Car Washing Machine with Accessories (1 Piece)

09): 3 KVA Honda eu30is Generator-Silent & Self Start (1 Piece)

10): Commercial Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner (1 Piece)

11): Commercial High pressure Car Washer (1 Piece)

12): Commercial Car Polisher (1 Piece)

13): Receive a minimum of 4 customer inquiries per day or 600 total inquiries in six months*

14): One Postpaid Mobile Number (bills will pay by us) (6 Months)

15): Extension Reel-30 Amp MCB, Sockets & Indicator fitted (1 Piece)

16): Extension 100 Feet wire-3KW load capacity (1 Piece)

17): Cleaning & Polishing chemical for Car & Sofa (Six months for 600 Jobs)

18): Chemical Spry bottles-multi color / multi size (12 Pieces)

19): Microfiber cloths-multi color/multi size (30 Pieces)

20): Rubbing Gloves (6 Pairs)

21): Steam Gloves (2 Pairs)

22): Foam Gun/lancer (1 Piece)

23): E-Rickshaw Stepny cover-Ads printed (50 Pieces)

24): Visiting card printed with your name, email & etc. (10000 Pieces)

25): T-Shirt-Printed (4 Pieces)

26): Web promotion (6 Months)

27): Franchise processing fee included (onetime fee)

28): 6 months franchise fee included

29): Mobile Apps (Ola Car Wash Mobile Application)

30): Onsite Training (for 01 Staff)

Excluding following

01): Transportation charges at actual to be paid by the franchise

02): Registration, Insurance & Road tax etc charges at actual to be paid by the franchise