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Ola Car Wash
Ola Car Wash
Impressive Interior

Internal cleaning with dry steam and suction vacuuming using our special car cleaning accessories.

Ola Car Wash
Ready To Shine

External cleaning with Wet steam and also High Pressure wash using our special car cleaning accessories.

Ola Car Wash

Sanitization is a procedure of proper cleaning and removing virus and germs, it is also a part of Anti-bacterial Treatment.

Ola Car Wash
Detailing Glow

Rubbing is a process that results in the removal of stains and marks on the paint surface of the car and gives your car a smooth and clean look.


Premium Washing Services

Perfection is Expected. Excellence will be Tolerated. Improvements will be Initiated.

Ola brings to you an eco-friendly studio outlet concept under the brand name of Clean Go N 'Go which is a bundle of high-end technology and premium features for steam washing and detailing.

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Ola Car Wash Visiting Card
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Ola Car Wash
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Ola Car Wash

Premium Disinfection Cum Sanitization Machines Are Under One Roof.

Ola Car Wash
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Best In Class, Set Of Foam Launce And Jet Car Washers Are Available.

Ola Car Wash
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